Innovation in learning spaces is one of the constants at the SEK Education Group. Flexible spaces allow teacher and student collaboration and team work.

SEK-Atlantico covers an 6,000m2 of buildings and 7,000m2 of open air recreational and sports areas, supplemented with a covered sports pavilion. In 2012 the Nursery School was opened, covering an area of 2,000m2 and with a unique and pioneering architectural design, for children younger than 3 years of age.

At SEK-Atlantico the space within the school and the location of the centre serve the centre’s learning objectives, ensuring that students feel comfortable and obtain the greatest benefits for their development.


SEK-Atlantico, from Nursery School onwards, has a modern and functional infrastructure.

These roomy areas are set up to respond to the educational and welfare needs of our students.

An optimal environment for learning is achieved, that facilitates research, experimentation, knowledge acquisition, respecting the pace of each student.

Intelligent classroom convert themselves into ideal platforms for the development of social, communicative and thinking skills.

We have created a dynamic system, which is an international point of reference for the innovative use of scholastic space and teaching organisation.

Some areas characteristic of SEK-Atlantico:

  • Nuersery school of 1,000m2 with six classrooms, dining room, rooms for school services and a large central area that facilitates the most innovative of learning experiences.
  • Psycho-motor classroom for the very smallest.
  • Light and airy dining room with permanent seating for 200.
  • Laboratory equipped with cutting edge media.
  • Music room and painting room.
  • Library.
  • Languages room.
  • Learning Lab.
  • Multi-sports pavilion, sports pitches and wide green areas and amusement areas.

From secondary school onward, the centre offers the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system with lockers equipped with electrical chargers to store and charge their personal computers, and a portal with applications for helping students with their activities.

Technology areas integrated into day-to-day school activity.

Areas, uses and applications are designed to make the best use of everything they offer: complete portability, touch enabled to be compatible with any type of space (hard flooring, carpeting, table, etc) and the use of keyboards for netbooks and laptops.

 All classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards

 All computers have the latest software version installed

 All areas of the school have a high-speed WiFi connection.

Our students are multi-platform.

  • Nursery School:
    • iPADs for early learning and motor and cognitive skills development activities
  • Early Childhood Education:
    • Robotics with Beebots
    • iPADS in an integrated programme of app usage aimed at the development of basic communication, research and digital competencies.
    • Netbooks and laptops to widen research possibilities
    • Robotics with Lego starting from year 4 of Primary Education
  • Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate
    • Robotics with Lego and 3D printing
    • Learning using students’ own computers in a BYOD programme:
      • Access to information any time, any place.
      • The are provided with security lockers and a complete software kit.