A SEK summer is an unforgettable summer

Check out SEK summer courses,  more than simple summer camps, they are adapted especially to the needs of children and adolescents. We would like to invite SEK School students and non-SEK students to enjoy an unforgettable summer.

A combination of fun summer activities and on-going academic learning.

There are four different themes: Creativity, Sports, Academics, International Experiences. We hold a great variety of sporting, creative, science and academic activities. Check out our Juniors Camp, a summer camp on the seaside for all water sports enthusiasts.

Native English speaking, bilingual and specialist teachers accompanying the students in all activities.

Summer courses are held on SEK-Atlántico school grounds and the summer courses abroad at SEK-Les Alpes and SEK-Dublin.

Check out all our SEK summer courses on our website.

SEK summer courses Enrolment form for summer courses in Spain Enrolment form for summer courses abroad