University Camilo José Cela (UCJC) is a private, pluralistic and independent university, founded in the year 2000, with headquarters in Madrid

Our hallmark-approach is underpinned by three aspects: Innovation, interdisciplinarity and an international outlook.

UCJC offers new fields of study adapted to the new reality of a complex and changing job market and places great importance on the acquisition of skills that enable our students to shine in whichever life-path they choose and in their personal and professional development.

Our main Madrid-Villafranca campus houses our core disciplines and undergraduate schools: Communication and Humanities, Education, Health and Technology and Science.

Our Open Space concept is designed to offer an on-campus life-experience, with modern, open work spaces for teaching staff and students aiming to foster dialogue, interaction and joint and active learning.

The MediaLab communications lab is fitted with next-generation technology, equipment and facilities and attests to our practical and multidisciplinary approach and our university model of converging cross-curricular fields.

The Madrid-Villafranca campus also has two halls of residence with over 130 places.

The UCJC Graduate School is housed at the Madrid-Almagro building in the heart of the city centre. It is designed as a bridge between university and professional life.