SEK International Schools celebrates its 2nd Scientific Congress

The Almagro Campus of Camilo José Cela University hosted the celebration of the 2nd Scientific Congress of SEK International Schools, where students presented their science-related projects.

Students from 4th year of ESO, MYP5, 1st year of baccalaureate, and 1st year of Diploma from SEK-Alborán, SEK-Atlántico, SEK-El Castillo, SEK-Catalunya, SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-Dublin, SEK-Qatar, and Beacon Private School of Bahrain participated in the congress, some in person and others remotely from their own schools.

The students presented their respective works, which included research on osmosis in plant cells, how to use energy generated from biomass, the influence of temperature on the oxidative rancidity rate of sunflower oil, which surface disinfectant (96° alcohol, bleach, sodium fluoride, or hydrogen peroxide) best reduces the growth area of Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces, freezing rates, golf ball flight trajectories, assessment of the impact of microplastic pollution on the health of aquatic ecosystems and strategies to remedy it, or how to isolate DNA under the best possible conditions.

This year, Dr. Vicente Timón Salinero from the Molecular Physics department of the Institute of Structure of Matter of the CSIC, gave an inspiring talk at the beginning of the congress, where he spoke about how his passion for science arose in his childhood after his father gave him a book about Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions, which captivated him from the moment he started reading it.