SEK-Atlántico, ‘UNICEF Reference Center on Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship’

SEK International School Atlántico has obtained recognition as a Unicef ​​Reference Center for Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship, Advanced Level. This recognition, granted by the UNICEF Spanish Committee, is a distinction for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education centers that meet the fundamental objective of placing children and their rights in a prominent place in school life, guided by the principles of inclusion, equity, solidarity and quality.

Likewise, the chosen centers must contribute to providing teaching with the dimensions of globality and interdependence, characteristics of today’s world, and essential in the formation of girls, boys and adolescents as citizens and global citizens. . It acts in four areas, Knowledge of children’s rights and global citizenship; Child and adolescent participation; Protective environment, and School climate.

In the words of Unicef, “it is not just another recognition of the school. We want the Children’s Rights Education program to be lived in the center on a daily basis and for the entire educational community to participate in it; management team, teaching staff, families, students and administration and services staff.”.

Said recognition will be in force until September 2024, the date on which it will be evaluated whether SEK-Atlántico maintains the renewal requirements.

There are currently 185 recognized educational centers in Spain by Unicef ​​as references in Education on Children’s Rights, 9 of them in Galicia, for their work in integrating children’s rights in the educational project of the center and their efforts to make them a reality in the daily activity of the community educational.