Diploma students on the Camino de Santiago

On September 23, the SEK-Atlántico DP students made a section of the Camino de Santiago, specifically the one that goes from A Escravitude to Santiago de Compostela, which is part of the last stage of the Portuguese Way.

The day, which took place in a festive atmosphere and with sunny weather, had the following main objectives:

  • Serve as a welcome activity for students starting in DP1 (junior) by those of DP2 (senior).
  • CAS activity: Activity (in this stage a total of 25 km of Camino was completed), Creativity (as a preparatory activity, the students designed and created a commemorative bracelet for the occasion) and Service (the money obtained from the donations obtained by the bracelet , which all the participants took during the day of march, was dedicated to those affected by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma).
  • On-site Art class, taught by the teacher and tutor Ana Fernández, in the Plaza de A Quintana.