SEK-Atlántico Infants Preschool, winners of the ‘Educational Experiences’ category of 4th Early Childhood School Award

The project presented by SEK-Atlántico Infants Preschool, Padrinos de Ruta, has obtained the special mention in the 4th Early Chidlhood School Award in the ‘Educational Experiences’ category. The contest featured participation from schools from around Spain and was organised by the Siena group and the magazine Escuela Infantil.

The proposal put forward by SEK-Atlántico Preschool has brought together preschoolers with year one International Baccalaureate Diploma students as part of their CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) subject.

Baccalaureate students act as mentors for their youngest schoolmates from the bus to the classroom and vice versa, accompanying them at all times and making sure that their seatbelts are correctly fastened.

These journeys have become real learning trips that bring confidence and security to the little ones, helping them in language development and increasing their autonomy. For Diploma students, in addition to offering a service to the educational community, they attain the objective of the core component of the CAS programme, participating in a prolonged collaborative project that contributes to their education as balanced and reflective people, involving them in the project emotionally, creatively, physically and intellectually.