SEK-Atlántico receives a microscope donated by Dr Elkin Muñoz

Last February, our school received the donation of a professional Leica microscope by Dr Elkin Muñoz Muñoz, director of the IVI clinic in Vigo and A Coruña.

Dr Muñoz and part of his team visited the school to deliver and install the device, as well as to provide initial training in its use to the Science Department, who were enthusiastic about its multiple functionalities.

This microscope, used in the clinic for the in vitro fertilisation process, is a piece of cutting-edge equipment that is not usually found in school laboratories and that will contribute to the improvement of the experimental training of our students in the disciplines related to health sciences.

The school thanks Dr Muñoz for his generosity and his interest in providing our laboratory with a microscope that will bring a new practical scientific dimension to our educational programmes.

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