Experts from UCJC will give education workshops in SEK-Atlántico aimed at students’ families

SEK-Atlántico will host a new edition of its workshops for families, in which several professors and expert researchers from University Camilo José Cela (UCJC), in Madrid, help the parents and guardians of the students from all stages of this school – from Early Childhood to Secondary – to tackle different aspects of the education of their children.

The UCJC professors that will give these workshops are Laura Cuesta, who will offer her vision on Digital Education on 27 February; Miguel Ángel Pérez Nieto, who will address the Handling of Conflicts and Difficult Issues on 21 March; Ruth Pilar Castillo Gualda, who will answer the question of Do We Know How to Educate with Emotional Intelligence? Tools for working with emotions at home, on 4 April; and Regina Espinosa, who will address The Role of Parents in Sex Education on 29 May. All the presentations will take place from 15:30 to 17:00.

The UCJC experts come from different faculties and fields of education, psychology and communications. This initiative, which began last October in Madrid’s SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-El Castillo and SEK-Santa Isabel schools, consisting of over thirty workshops aimed at SEK families, in which experts from University Camilo José Cela will discuss various topics related to education and welfare of SEK students. 

Collaborative and transversal learning between SEK International Schools and UCJC

These workshops for families are the result of the synergies between SEK International Schools and University Camilo José Cela and aims to offer answers to the concerns and doubts that may arise in families in relation to behaviour and habits of children and young people, as well as offering answers to more specific questions related to the school and family environment.

Aware of the importance of collaborative learning in all educational stages, SEK Education Group promotes interdisciplinary projects that foster adaptive learning models for the entire Educational Community, which adapt university teaching and research and bring it closer to social needs.

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