Two students from SEK-Atlántico receive the CAF Scholarship

Adriana Vázquez and Francisco Fraga, two Baccalaureate students from SEK International School Atlántico, received the CAF Scholarship granted by the Common Action Forum. This non-profit entity participates in the organisation of SYMUN, the Carlos III University of Madrid Model United Nations. The SEK-Atlántico students are part of the group of 10 scholarship-winners who will participate in the DoMUN, the Model United Nations that is celebrated in The Hague (The Netherlands).

For the selection process, candidates have had to prepare a report on the The causes of climate change in the world, present their academic curriculum, and stand out as delegates in the model held by the Carlos III University, in which Adriana participated as a judge of the International Court of Justice and Francisco as a delegate for the Congo in the Special Committee on Decolonisation.

A SEK-Atlántico student, Santiago Janeiro, was also given a grant in last year’s edition of SYMUN to participate in the model United Nations organised by Harvard University.

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