SEK-Atlántico recognised as ‘SMART Exemplary School’

SEK Atlántico International School has been recognised as a SMART Exemplary School (SES) at the SMART Exemplary Educators Spanish Regional Summit, held on Saturday, 9 November, in Seville. The event brought together a group of innovative Spanish teachers with the executives of the educational technology provider company based in Calgary, Canada, on their world tour to present the SES programme . This programme recognises schools that have demonstrated their commitment to the implementation of technology and its integration with active methodologies, with the aim of improving the results of their students.

In this event three Spanish schools have been recognised, out of a total of 26  around the world, and SEK-Atlántico was the only private school and the only one with all the educational stages . In addition, it is the only one in Galicia, the other two being in Castilla-León and Castilla-La Mancha.

In his speech during the award ceremony, Greg Estell, president of SMART Technologies, highlighted the effectiveness of the strategies developed in the awarded schools, as well as SEK-Atlántico’s long history of technological and educational innovation.

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