The Pontevedra Rotary Club presents SEK-Atlántico with the ‘Servir Award’

The presentation of the Servir Award to SEK International School Atlántico, took place on 10 June. This award acknowledges the school’s 28-year track record and the Protagonistas del mañana went to Sara Prieto, an IB Diploma student,for her personal and academic merits. The event, presided over by the Mayor of Pontevedra, was attended by over 200 people.

These awards are given out annually by the Pontevedra Rotary Club to individuals and institutions who exemplify the values included in their main objectives, such as fostering change through action, local programmes and projects to contribute to improving the lives of their fellow citizens.

The   Protagonistas del mañana award, presented to Sara Prieto, acknowledges academic and personal merit, beyond simply obtaining high marks, for exemplary self-improvement and commitment to society through solidarity, innovation and cultural initiatives, etc.…


At the event, Sara Prieto gave a brief address expressing her gratitude and the School Principal, Jacobo Olmedo, having been presented with the award by the Mayor of Pontevedra, expressed his thanks for the efforts of the entire Educational Community and the transformative vision of the SEK Education Group founder, which both lead to having been given the award. The event was closed with a choir performance by students from PAI4.

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