At SEK-Atlantico we provide a wide range of curriculum enrichment activities whose purpose is to individually cater for each student’s personality development, personal qualities and interests.

Each knowledge area is enhanced with a full programme of extracurricular activities designed according to the SEK Educational System.

Nursery School:

  • Sensory workshops
  • Music
  • Emotional intelligence “Think and Feel” programme
  • eTwinning projects


  • Sensory workshops
  • Music (2 hours per week) delivered by teachers from the Mayeusis conservatory using the Musizón Músicaeduca Programme
  • Dance
  • Art and Drama
  • Emotional intelligence “Think and Feel” programme
  • eTwinning projects


  • Linguistic immersion in English through drama, art and play activities.
  • Rad-kids programme, online English reading practice
  • Debate: Public Speaking Programme from years 1 to 3 and Public Speaking and Debate up to year 6.  SEK-Atlantico Debating Competition.
  • Mind Lab.
  • Laboratory: Activities depending on research units.
  • Cultural outings to art exhibitions to appreciate them in their surroundings.
  • Creativity workshops: improving creative writing, care, verbal comprehension, interactive resources, etc.
  • Introduction to chess in Primary year 3.
  • Lego Games to improve creativity.
  • Social and Emotional Learning Programme
  • eTwinning projects


  • Healthy-living project: Integrated healthy living studies through Physical Education
  • Literature Creation Workshop: Years 1 and 2 of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO).  Fosters creativity and the improvement of written expression.
  • Robotics: Activity integrated into the STEM subjects curriculum.
  • Debate and Public Speaking: SEKMUN (Model United Nations) and Xove Parliament.
  • Monitoring: Students coordinate and manage a fellow-student’s learning
  • Community project: Forms a part of the IB CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) activities.  Undertaken across a variety of subjects.
  • Personal project: Undertaken at the end of Secondary Education.  Students should demonstrate all the IB MYP profile qualities in a project chosen, planned and carried out by them individually.
  • Complementary activities in science, mathematics, language and English: Personalised classes to cater for diversity.
  • eTwinning projects


  • Debate and Public Speaking: SEKMUN (Model United Nations), Xove Parliament and FERMUN, UNIS Conference
  • Monitoring: in which students coordinate and manage a fellow-student’s learning
  • eTwinning projects