SEK Education Group has a long history of high achievement schemes aimed at outstandingly bright or high-achieving students that has led to the creation, among other alternatives, of the Stellar Programme in Spain.

The new academic year presents new learning perspectives within school and extracurricular environments. Therefore, SEK, and specifically the Stellar Programme, has launched a complementary programme of online enrichment activities with the primary goal of broadening the horizons of high achieving students in fields that may be of interest to them and that are not usually included in the curriculum.

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The TALNET programme is aimed at Compulsory Secondary Education students. This programme of workshops addresses students’ socio-emotional and scientific-technical learning. Students are given personalised guidance and supervision.

This programme provides students’ the opportunity to take part in enriching joint activities with students from schools both in Spain and abroad and attending an annual meeting within the framework of the International Meetings for Young Talent.

Participating students come from public and private schools.

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The ADA programme is aimed at Baccalaureate students. This programme is offered directly by Camilo José Cela University with the aim of disseminating future trends in science and technology. Specific workshops will be offered for students to sign up for according to their interests. The course features support from the educators on the Expert University Course in Intelligence Higher Capabilities and Neuropsychology. Free for SEK students.

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